• New Sound & Light

    Our party atmosphere is about to get better! Freestyle have invested in new laser and LED technology for their lighting. The sessions will have the same feel but you might see some different patterns and effects on the floors and walls of certain sites! We are slowly upgrading all our lighting to move towards bulb less technology to protect the environment and consume less energy, if we all do our bit, the little things make a huge different! With our new lighting some customers with light sensitive epilepsy may find this uncomfortable. We have chosen lighting that does not strobe however it does rotate and move with the music. If you suffer from light sensitive epilepsy, we would value your feedback and of course goes without saying, please inform one of the freestyle team and or instructor at the session if you feel this affects you. We are trying to make everything a more fun and pleasurable atmosphere, in turn making your session the best it can be. Hope you enjoy it.
  • GloRobix® 'The Glowstick Fitness Party'

    GloRobix® is our new program thats for everyone. Its time to bring the rave night back into exercise! Glowsticks, Club Lighting, Booming sound system coupled with the best instructors give you a class like no other.

    Your class is designed to be simple to follow, have variations so you can hype it up or cool it down depending how much you want to put in.

    It will be led by an amazing instructor who has undergone masses of training and technical qualifications so you are in safe hands.

    Most of all, we want you to have fun, let go and just enjoy your session.

    Are you reday to get your RAVE on?

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  • Training partnership with FLM Training

    Training instructors for the future. At Freestyle you can expect a motivating, dynamic, well presented and experienced instructor when you turn up to a class.

    As a company we are committed to investing in people that make your classes the best they can be. We have tailored our own specific course with our partners at FLM Training to deliver a high quality and thorough NVQ course for our team of new instructors.

    If you are interested in training contact FLM on 08432 899 470 mention Freestyle Fitness for a 10% discount
  • Which Footwear for which classes!

    Zumba® Classes -
    We would highly recommend a dance trainer/sneaker for Freestyle Fitness Zumba® Classes, as the class involves a great deal of dancing and pivot motion, trainers with an excessive grip are not as easy to dance in. If you choose something that has adequate cushioning and comfort for you, this will only make your class more enjoyable.

    Aeromix© Classes -
    We would highly recommend a cross trainer/aerobic trainer that has cushioning on the toe and heel strike for this class. Running trainers are designed for heel strike motion, so speak to your retailer about the best trainer for you.

    H2o The Water Workout© -
    To get the most out of your pool session you can invest in a pair of pool shoes, this will give you a more stable footing on the pool floor and will allow you to move with more grip.
  • Spin30 Spin45

    Are you ready to take part in queens parks new spin class? Spin is the new group cycling class that freestyle fitness are running. Sessions will be introduced as 30min sessions to allow everyone to try them. There will be 8 Spin sessions introduced to the timetable. Same feel, same Team, Same high standards. Spin - Pure cardio training.



today's classes

Sunday's Classes

09:15 - Bike45 - Queens Park Health & Fitness

10:15 - Bike30 (beginners) - Queens Park Health & Fitness

11.00 - Zumba® Class - Ashton Leisure centre

11:00 - AeroMix - Queens Park Health & Fitness

11.15 - AeroMix - Sale Leisure centre

12:10 - Zumba® Class - Queens Park Health & Fitness

about us

My Vision as Artistic / Managing Director has not changed since we started our first classes in November 1997!!! The emphasis is on FUN!!!

Our sessions take place in a motivationally charged atmosphere with each one of our freestyle team contributing to this - we couldn't do what we do without each and every one of them.

All my instructors have their nationally recognised technical qualifications and on top of that they go through extra training to deliver the best possible group exercise sessions to the highest possible standards.

Our Success is down to our our committed and returning customer base, our loyal and devoted team and our utmost commitment to training and development. We value our partners in the industry, we have an excellent working relationship with many local authorities in particular St. Helens Leisure, Trafford Leisure Culture Trust, Wigan Leisure Culture Trust, Knowsley & Cheshire East.

Stef :o)

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